Decision making framework for Community of Practices (Draft 2)

“Empowering, open and well-managed”


Everyone in the CoP and outside CoP must be able to demonstrate idea, opinions and thoughts. The CoP must respectfully accommodate individual thoughts and factor in thoughts of every participating individuals when making decision regarding a new idea or thought process.

If sufficient number of members are not present in the CoP to participate in the decision then the decision must be withheld until such people in required capacity are present. However, if required, due to a valid business reason, this can be overridden and an executive decision can be made with the number of members available at the time. Continue reading

An investigation regarding the effects of NoSQL on the four inherent problems of Software Engineering

So as you all know, I am currently in my final year of BEng (Hons) Software Engineering. In my final year, one of the courses that I am studying is Programming Frameworks. This course introduces to the academic side of Software Engineering and covers topics like quality plans, quality control, advanced methodologies, planning, frameworks etc.
My coursework for this course was to prepare a quality plan for writing an academic paper and then write the academic paper. The main topic of the academic paper was to compare and contrast one of the three concepts with an academic paper “No Silver Bullet – Essence and Accidents of Software Engineering” written by Fred Brooks. I prepared the quality plan, wrote the academic paper and submitted the coursework last month. I received a really good mark for it – 88% and thus I thought that I should share the academic paper that I wrote in LaTeX. You can download the academic paper from here.

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