Thinking iteratively (Scrum series 2)

Most of us think linearly, that is step by step, from start to finish. Think about making something physical, like a wooden table. Your mind quickly starts creating steps leading to that goal. Something like this feels familiar?

  1. Buy lots of raw wood.
  2. Buy sandpaper.
  3. Buy varnish.
  4. Make four legs.
  5. Make table top.
  6. Apply sandpaper.
  7. Join it all up.
  8. Apply varnish.

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Developer code of conduct for Scrum Refinement ceremonies (Scrum series 1)

Refinement sessions. Some people like them and few enjoy them. Over the years, I’ve worked across multiple companies who embrace Agile, particularly Scrum. I’ve started my career with Agile and so far, I’ve worked in organisations who are either mature Agile organisations or those who are transforming themselves into being Agile so I like to think that I have a pretty good grip on what an organisation’s Agile ideals should be. However, ideal things don’t happen in practice – and that’s a good thing because I don’t think that all organisations can wear one single Agile hat. Continue reading