Forgerock UnSummit Bristol 2017 Notes

10:00 Kickoff

Agenda of the day
Finalised agenda of the day @ Forgerock UnSummit Bristol 2017

Forgerock on Docker

Start off with base docker image containing OpenAM. This docker image has a folder for config which can be volume mounted to allow loading custom config. During runtime, it detects the config and runs it against amster (ssoadm replacement). Continue reading

Notes from TechCrunch Disrupt London 2015

TC2015 1

Day One

Sevenhugs remote

EU startup. Easy control of Phillips hue lights. Maps the person with the remote into a 3D space. Could potentially be used for indoor navigation?
Point the device at any smart bulb or device and instantly control it.
Quite expensive. €200 to produce the remote. Continue reading