Fixing ubuntu desktop’s wifi disconnect issue on wake

For about more than half the time, when I wake my ubuntu laptop from sleep, I will lose wifi. When I say lose, I mean I lose the wlan0 interface completely.

Now this is a problem because I quite like having wifi and normally there seems to be no way to turn it back on from that little wifi menu from the top right corner.

After doing some googling, I found a crude yet simple solution. Restart the network-manager service by running the following:

Right before writing this article, I had to run that command and now it all works buttery smooth. Maybe there is a more permanent fix, I will keep an eye out for it and when I can find some time, will dig in to some logs somewhere to actually find the issue but for now, this is satisfactory (meh) to my current needs.

Fixing docker service startup after using an alternative graph driver

So I was playing around with devicemapper docker storage driver the other day. It was quite nice but when I stopped the modified docker daemon and tried to start the docker service in “normal” way, I received the following error:

Clearly something had gone wrong. Upon running:

I found the following line most helpful in fixing the error:

So I ran the following command in order to remove my devicemapper driver:

Boom it worked!

Alternatively, I could’ve backed it up to tmp instead by running:

But I didn’t need any of my images anyway so I removed it.

Hope this helps.

Fixing proxy credentials dementia in Eclipse

This usually happens when you are using a different eclipse installation to access your old eclipse workspace. Its something to do with the new installation not being able to access the secure storage created by your old installation. Here’s what I did to solve it:

Close eclipse completely. Now fire up terminal or command prompt or whatever and navigate to your home directory. In my case it is '/Users/manthan/' directory.
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Moving steam games to another drive

So I came across this recently and thought to share it with you guys.

First of all, exit steam completely. If you’ve closed it, check if it’s in the system tray and if it is, exit from there as well. Now, fire up Windows Explorer and go to where steam is installed on your computer. In my case, it was in the default installation directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam).
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Rejecting a pairing request from a bluetooth device permanently on your Mac

So I had this problem the other day where I kept on getting pairing requests from my friend’s bluetooth keyboard. This was rather annoying as the pairing dialog kept on popping up every few minutes. So I googled around a bit and found the following solution which worked for me.

Turn your bluetooth off. This will disable your bluetooth mouse and keyboard and hence you will have to use the built-in ones.

The problem is that at some point the keyboard that is nagging you to connect would have connected to your laptop. Your laptop remembers this and hence accepts incoming pairing request prompting you to verify it.
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