Configuring Java HttpClient to use proxy

So, for various security reasons, at work, I have to go through proxy in order to access anything. I was doing some prototyping with sparkpost and none of my code worked as by default the code wasn’t going through the business proxy.

Naturally, I thought that I’d set HTTP_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY environment variables and then run my java code. I did and as it is with all things in Software Engineering industry, it didn’t work.

After several hours of googling (or what felt like several hours) I finally found what was wrong with it. In Java, due to security reasons, all proxy variables are ignored unless they have been explicitly set in code. Here’s how you set them: Continue reading

Assigning static IP address to your Raspberry Pi (WiFi)

When I first bought my Raspberry Pi, I had this problem. My router and TV are in different rooms and I don’t have a ethernet cable. This restricts networking ability of my Pi which is quite annoying. I searched for articles on assigning static IP addresses to Raspberry Pi but most of them were talking about assigning it for eth0. I, on the other hand wanted wlan0 static IP.

Now, I could have just got a long ethernet cable and solve this whole problem but I was just annoyed and was constantly asking myself “Why isn’t this working over wifi”. So finally, after significant digging around, I found the solution. Here it goes:
Continue reading