Notes from Angular Connect 2015 Keynote


Day One.


Makes it simpler to render stuff by pre rendering everything by adding a build step.

Angular 2 alpha build blows every other mvvm framework out of the water.

Angular 2 drops a lot of current directives by introducing property binding which allows binding models directly to properties like value. Drops about 43 directives.

Template directive plus controller in angular 1 is now a component in angular 2. Use @Component from typescript.

Es5/6, typescript and Dart are supported for using Angular 2.

ES6, typescript and Dart, all need compilation. Typescript and Dart introduces types.

Dart does not have a Javascript syntax.

Angular 2 is written in typescript.

Incremental releases. About 57 in last two weeks.

Igor minar now presents tooling in AngularJS

Configuration is a major barrier to tool adoption.

Start a project by
ng new greetings-ac

Creates initial project scaffolding. Creates a build pipeline based on Typescript.

Start a project and see live reload. Helpful error messages with stack trace right in the browser.

ng generate component componentname

To generate new component files including css, template and unit test spec files.

Deploy to github by
ng github-pages:deploy

To deploy directly to github pages.

Now talking about angular batarang. Allows inspecting bugs in chrome.

New called Batarangle.

Now talking about Ionic Framework, Max Lynch and Adam Bradley.

About 1.2 million Ionic and angular apps since 2/2014. Used by startups to the fortune 50.

Working with angular 2 to optimise Ionic architecture to be ready for adoption.

Reduce barrier to entry by allowing mostly ES2015/Typescript

Overhaul in the navigation system allowing apps to push boundaries.

Material design support. New animation and scrolling. Powerful theming.

Ionic 2 is ready to use today.

Ready enough to use but be warned of bugs.

Giving out Angular themed Google Cardboard.

Now talking about NativeScript, Dimo Iliev.

Different way of thinking about web. Expectations of native applications few different from applications that run in the browser. How do you go native without actually going native.

Use what we know, I. E. Express, npm, javascript, Angular, Typescript to write native applications that run inside a Javascript virtual machine. Note, not in a browser but in a Javascript virtual machine. Use angular 2 components.

Demo looks awesome where a native list view is instantiated via javascript/css. Extensively uses Typescript and angular 2 components.

“I wonder how this fares compared to Ionic.“

Combining xml template with data to create native view. Same technology used in angular universe to render dom more efficiently.

Now talking about Path to Angular 2.

Angular Upgrade project in works, hoping to make it simpler to convert the existing application piece by piece whilst it’s live.

Now talking about successful angular ecosystem, Jules Kremer.

Angular being open source has helped its adoption. Collaboration with Typescript and visual studio code team to provide better tooling.

yo office
Command to build scaffolding for apps providing office integration.

Oh my god. Angular 2 will support IE 9!

Contributing to Angular is important as it helps shape the future.

Now talking about Angular 2 release status.

Greentea team building Angular 2. 70k devs, 300k LOC.

Lots of Google projects porting to Angular 2. The dev team is using the feedback from people porting to Angular 2 to speedup development. 

Now talking about deleting cancer.

Launched a general public appeal asking for everyone globally to register as a stem cell donor. Quick and easy one time action. Could save someone’s life if a match is found.

Margot foundation is entirely volunteer based foundation.

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