Variables in Linux Shell

Well, this has been a bit tricky for me so I decided to put it on my blog so that it can be helpful to you guys.

First of all, How to define a variable?


There! I’ve just defined a variable count with 0 as its initial value.
Now, How do you print value of a variable?

echo "$count"


echo $count

Next. How do you perform calculations on a variable?
Okay. So assume that you have two variables called val1 and val2 with values 3 and 4 respectively. Now, you want val3 to have the addition of val1 and val2. So,

val3=expr $val1 + $val2

Similarly, to do subtraction:

val4=expr $val1 - $val2

Note that spaces are very important here.

Now, if you wish to assign value returned by a command to a variable, then it works by doing:

wcount=wc -w myfile.txt

anything between and will be executed as linux command and the value returned by that command will be assigned back to the variable to left.

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